My Tea for the Morning

My Tea for the Morning

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In a brightly colored box, Palais des Thés offers its selection of black teas, green teas and flavored teas, all ideal for the morning. Rediscover the pleasure of a delicious breakfast and take the time to enjoy a moment for yourself. 

Six teas to choose from depending on your mood or desire: a gentle, relaxing wake-up or an uplifting start to the day; a traditional British tea or a zesty, refreshing cocktail. 

Practical and fun, the box opens like a book! 

A description of each tea is provided on the inside.

For an added environmental touch, the teabag sachets are biodegradable. 


Contains 8 cotton teabags of each of the following 6 teas:

Thé des Moinesa floral blend inspired by a Tibetan traditional recipe.

Grand Yunnan Imperial: a beautiful Chinese black tea.

Sencha Ariake: a delicate Japanese green tea.

Big Ben: an English blend of black teas.

Thé des Lords: an Earl Grey black tea with bergamot

Gout Russe 7 agrumes: a black tea with citrus fruits