Almond Oil

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Almond Oil

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It is characterized by a mild fragrance and just a dash of marzipan flavor. It is an especially valuable oil, due also to the beneficial effects it has on the skin and the hair.

It harmonizes with salads (all leafy greens: red oak, Lollo rosso, endive, lamb's lettuce, etc.).
It can make a delicious dressing when combined with Pödör Raspberry fruit or balsamic vinegar.

Recommended for raw, steamed, or cooked vegetables (asparagus, peas, mushroom, artichoke), soft cheese and soups. (savoury with coliflower, garlic soup or in cold soups). It can be used to refine sauces, mayonnaise, cottage cheese, patés, and pastas.

Great choice for fruit salads and preparing vegetarian dishes, can be used as subsequent flavoring, marinating and braising grills and barbecues (especially poultries) and for steaming fish (sander, sea fish, flatfish or any fish fillets).  

Its mild marzipan taste renders a unique flavor to your cakes (Bundt cake, ladyfinger, muffin). A few drops of almond oil on lemon or berry fruits ice cream is a rare treat.