All the Wei Dark Chocolate Assortment

All the Wei Dark Chocolate Assortment

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Up to 9 assorted flavors

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All the Wei is a wondrous assortment of up to 9 flavors that comes in a lovely eco-luxe paper box with 30 individually wrapped pieces inside. Each one is perfect for a 2 minute, melt-in-your-mouth meditation break where you can revel in the deliciousness of the present moment.

Enjoy organic, fair trade, vegan, gluten free, soy free dark chocolate infused with different blends of herbs, spices and flower essences. No GMOs, ever!

Currently All the Wei contains 9 different flavors:

Rose chili 74% Wei Love
Himalayan pink salt 72%Wei Inspired
Citrusy 70% Wei Joyful
Chai spice 68% Wei Gratitude
Peppermint 68% Wei Beautiful
Creamy pure dark 68% Wei Relaxed
Lavender grey 70% Wei Peace
Super dark 80% Wei Radiant
Rich pure dark 70% Wei Pure
Now all our flavors are made with organic coconut blossom sugar instead of cane sugar. That means it's rich and deliciousas well as low glycemic, which is better for people concerned about blood sugar. Plus it's Paleo-friendly!

You'll love the yummy variety in this sampler: something for everyone from the purists to the adventurous. All pieces are stickered with the name & flavor, so you know exactly what you've got. Find your favorite today!

Each one also contains a different blend of hand-collected Lotus Wei flower remedies to balance the body along the acupuncture meridians.

With only 2 grams of carbs and 30 calories per piece, it’s the perfect healthy chocolate to let melt in your mouth whenever you need a two-minute break to remind yourself to breathe deeply and enjoy the present moment.

The 6.3 oz box contains 30 pieces that you'll savor with delight.

Wei of Chocolate dark chocolate assortment - the perfect opportunity to stop and savor the chocolate!