Elixium Water


Elixium Water

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Elixium is the world’s most exclusive water brand infused with Nano-Gold particles and 24ct Gold flake for increased mental focus and well-being. Research has shown that consistent consumption of Nano-Gold may improve neurological connections in the brain (mental agility), possesses anti-inflammatory properties and many other benefits.


The British Royal Family has been imbibing Malvern water for more than 400 years after Queen Elizabeth I first discovered it in the 16th century. Today our own spring in Malvern is considered to be one of the purest sources of water in England.


We limit our production to 1000 bottles/month. Each bottle has a unique serial number and can be looked up online to view the complete history of production and composition.


Elixium – the perfect balance of tradition, innovation, luxury and well-being.